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Self- Esteem-The Empowerment from within

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All women go through a phase in their life when they feel useless and don’t take care of themselves. Therefore every woman should know about herself, her body and her sensuality and bring out the best in her. Stories on women  Empowerment being positive and for it to be real, it must come from within.

Power enhances or enriches a woman, which is positive and empowerment being positive must come from within and must be self motivated. For this one must be vigilant, persuasive and persistent.

Like power, we must have positive control, by being farsighted and responsible, being able to function either individually or in a group for a good cause. Self-control or the control of self is essential for empowerment. When we get frustrated, angry or lose our temper at the attitude or reactions of others in the family or society, it is self control that allows us to be rational and to function accordingly. Self control being an empowering dynamic helps us to increase our credibility and enhance our self-esteem.

Confidence is the result of one’s past experience, like conditions of isolation, integration within a group or being shattered by some past life event. You have to pull yourself out of it and regain your footing as a strong sensual woman with concepts like assurance, assertiveness and conviction. Self confidence along with self control can enhance empowerment.

Along with empowerment, comes the word courage, which means the ability to do the right thing even under adverse conditions. We must have the courage to face different situations in a calm manner by not getting frustrated. Encouragement makes us gain courage and so we must encourage without being judgmental.

All women face doubts, fears and insecurities, we must rise above this and feel empowered to exercise self control, be self confident and to have the courage to help ourselves and help others.

Occupational Safety

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Occupational safety is concerned with the protection of health, safety and welfare of people engaging in employment and work related activities. The aim of occupational safety is to foster a healthy and safe working environment for all workers whether in formal or informal sectors. It is a broad concept that seeks to protect even customers, employers, family members and any other person who may be affected by the environment at the workplace. This is important for legal, financial and moral reasons. It is the duty of all the organizations to ensure that employees and other people who may be negatively affected by the organization’s operations are kept safe all the time.

Occupational health and safety concerns became important with the rise of labor movements that sought to address workers problems during the industrial revolution. The health and safety of workers started to be viewed as a labor-related issue. Although the workplace provides numerous economic benefits, it also poses a number of risks in the health and safety of workers. These risk factors include biological agents, physical and chemical factors, allergens as well as ergonomic conditions.

The occupational safety and health professionals have a major role to play. Their roles may vary from one region to the other but all have some fundamental responsibilities to take care of. These include developing, evaluating and endorsing measures aimed at preventing injuries and illnesses at the workplace. It is also their responsibility to educate employees, employers and the general public on safety measure.
There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure occupational safety. The first step involves identifying the various risks that faces a workplace. Upon identifying these risks, you need to create safety procedures and policies that can be used to address the specific risks. The next step would be to check on potential employees for any red flags that could threaten the safety of others. You also need to inspect the physical working space to identify any dangers. Create an action plan that can be followed in case of an emergency and then establish a procedure to be followed by visitors entering the workplace. Finally, you need to establish a good environment that will encourage open communication among various stakeholders in the company. These steps will go a long way in ensuring you minimize health and safety risks in your organization.